dinsdag 6 mei 2014

Visit 4 to Jana

The previous attachment system did work but the result was too wide. Jana couldn't ride trough the door. So we tought about another solution. We came to a system where the machine is suspended from the armrest.
We do this by attatchin a alluminium loop on top of the machine and because a part of the machine is under the armrest we gain a few centimeters.

In the final prototype we'd like to attatch a screw at the top so Jana can fixate the machine.

To detach the machine Jana first has to loosen the screw and then by lowering her wheelchair on the same system that was used in the previous test.

We also tested if she was able to drive through a door.

We also tested the latest version of the machine itself. Jana aswell as her dog were happy with the result.

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