zondag 4 mei 2014


After we got all our parts, we started to build our final prototype.
To test if everything works fine, we builded a test arrangement.

For our final prototype, we used:

- 2 C-profiles
- 2 wooden wheels (diam 100 mm)
- 2 gears (diam 145 mm)
- 45 mm between wheels
- 12VDC motor, 35W (heavier than previous motors)
- 1 Fader to regulate speed of wheels
- 4 copper gliding bearings
- some bolts to keep everything together

Expected positive feedback: The system works and the ball shoots further.

Unexpected positive feedback: /

Expected negative feedback: /

Unexpected negative feedback: - Battery is low after 5 minutes, motor asks too many ampères and goes off quickly.
- Fader is too weak and can't resist the high ampères flowing through.

Makeabilityscore : 2 (4 hours work)

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