maandag 21 april 2014


In this prototype, we made a general catapult. By using 2 big elastics, the ball gets a good speed to fly away for about 5 metres.

The catapult gets tension by the dog pulling the cord untill it fits after the hook. If that is done, the ball is ready to be launched anytime Jana wants by pushing the cord up. (which is very easy to do)
By moving the wheelchair up and down, it's possible to aim. 

Getting ready:


Expected positive feedback: Easy to launch once it has tension. 

Unexpected positif feedback: Less dangerous than we thought. Shoots quite good.  

Expected negatif feedback: It's a position that's not very reachable for Jana.
Shoots not that far as necessary. With this system, it's impossible to change the shoot range.

Unexpected negatif feedback: /

Makeability score: 4 

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