woensdag 16 april 2014


Today we made some prototypes with the method of compressed air.
First prototype is a catapult, made by using a pneumatic cilinder.

The arm was about 40 cm long, with the 20cm in between the center of attachment of the cilinder and the attachment of the arm. The pen of the cilinder was placed in an angle of 90° against the arm in order to prevent it from skipping away when pushed. For the ball holder, we used a graffiti spray cap.

By attaching our compressor and shooting, we became a distance of 4m50.
To achieve larger distances you need to make the arm longer, which makes the hole structure very large.
Also the fact you need a compressor is not that handy to make it compact/portable for the wheelchair.

Expected positif feedback: It launches the ball

Unexpected positif feedback: /

Expected negatif feedback: /

Unexpected negatif feedback: The ball still doesn't go that far.

Makeability score: 4 (30 minutes)

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