zondag 23 februari 2014


Before we went to Jana, we made a quick prototype to test with her dog. We made a launcher out of PVC-pipe (diameter 90mm) with some bike elastics to shoot the tennis ball (diameter 70mm). We attached a PS plate on the rope so the ball doesn't fall in between te tube and the elastics; it keeps the ball in the tube.



We took our prototype to Jana and her dog to test it.
The first thing we tested was if the dog could pull hard enough to load the launcher.
Remark: we had to make a knot into the rope so the dog could pull better.


Expected positive feedback:

Unexpected positive feedback: 
Dog can pull very hard!

Expected negative feedback:
Further and higher to excite the dog more.

Unexpected negative feedback:
Jana doesn't really want to let the dog load it = reward for pulling.
Ball needs to be shown to the dog before throwing.

Makeability score: 4 (quite easy to make)

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