vrijdag 21 februari 2014


Jana is in an electric wheelchair (in a few months a new one: Permobil c500) and is looking for a way to reward and play with her guide dog by throwing a ball. This is because the dog is still young and in training to replace her older sheppard as a guiding dog.

Jana can throw a ball backwards, but only a couple of meters far and the ball bounces immediately on the ground. It's not enough for the dog to run and have a lot of fun bringing the ball back.
She can make small movements with her arms and hands, but no big movements due to a form of muscle paralysis on her upper arms and shoulders.Putting an arm in the air is impossible.
Lifting heavy things is hard, a bottle of fanta (1l) is already quite heavy.
It would also be possible to launch the ball with her feet (using a footswitch), but not to pump and create air pressure to launch it, that's to heavy.

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